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Welcome to my Chess Page.

Do you like to play chess? Would you play chess against your computer?
I have written a free chess application. The handling of this program is easy.

Notably points:

  • Windows (7 .. 11) and Android
  • Free of charge
  • Simple use
  • Protocol
  • Individual settings for level of difficulty
  • Opening database is used
  • Hints
  • Cancel moves
  • Swap chessmen
  • Set any desired chessmen
  • Save and load of games in PGN
  • Provide FEN (Forsyth-Edwards Notation)
  • Languages: English, German and French
  • Size of the application: 52 MB
  • Portable and setup version available.
  • No adware, no spyware, no advertsing

My program won't beat a chess champion. It is a good exercise for beginners and advanced players.

You can get this program in the download area.

Furthermore it runs on your Android mobile. Visit this page ( on your mobile, there you will find a download link. R-Schach isn't included in Google Playstore yet.

Have a good time playing chess.
Thanks for a tip.

Rolf Radke